Pamela Meyerhofer

Pamela Meyerhofer


Federal Trade Commission


I am an Economist at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). My research is centered on how women make decisions about work and family and how policy impacts these decisions. My work lies at the intersection of labor economics, health economics, family demography, and policy.

I received my PhD in Policy Analysis and Management with a minor in Demography from Cornell University in 2020. I received an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy, Politics, and the Public from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH in 2014.


  • Labor economics
  • Gender economics
  • Health economics
  • Family demography


  • PhD in Policy Analysis and Management, 2020

    Cornell University

  • MS in Policy Analysis and Management, 2018

    Cornell University

  • Honors BA in Economics and Philosophy, Politics, and the Public, 2014

    Xavier University


Working Papers

PDFs available upon request


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PAM 2000: Intermediate Economics

TA In-person: Fall 2016

PAM 2020: Population and Public Policy

TA In-person: Spring 2016, 2019*

TA Start in person, moved online: Spring 2020*

PAM 2101: Statistics for Policy Analysis and Management Majors

TA including prepping and teaching Stata lab: Fall 2019*

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“Pamela was concise in her explanations of class material and her vast knowledge on the subject matter allowed her to make helpful real-world comparisons. By connecting the abstract concepts from class to more tangible examples, she made the material easier to understand.” - PAM 2030, Spring 2019 Student

“Ms. Meyerhofer was very knowledgable about the subject and it was evident that she was interested in being a professor, her availability was super helpful and great.” - PAM 2030, Spring 2020 Student

“Pamela is very energetic and cares a lot about being a TA. You can tell she is excited to teach us and is passionate about statistics. I had Pamela last semester as well and she was equally as passionate about that class as well. She wants us to succeed in the course.” - PAM 2101 Student